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UAE Embassy Commercial Document Attestation

Finished within 1-2 or 7 working days

UAE Embassy Commercial Document Attestation

GulfVisa provides a document attestation service for commercial documents from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in London, UK. Different business / company / commercial documents may require attestation from the UAE embassy in the UK before being accepted in the UAE. These can include contracts, invoices, Power of Attorneys and any other business-related document issued within the UK.

Gulfvisa offers a fast (1-2 day service) and a standard (7 working day service) service. We can attest all the required documents from the required organisations including the British Foreign Ministry (FCO) and UAE Embassy. Our service is secure, fast and all-inclusive. However, please note that a document attestation company such as ours cannot get your documents attested by a solicitor or notary public on your behalf. They must be your own solicitor or notary public whom you can prove to that the documents are genuine first. From there we can take over!

Please note that we offer an option to deliver your documents overseas (via DHL). You can select this option during checkout on our website.

Please note the UAE embassy will be closed from the 20th-27th August 2018 for the Eid Holiday.

How to get your commercial documents attested from the UAE embassy - 3 simple steps

1Prepare the following UAE commercial document attestation requirements
Prepare the following requirements to send to GulfVisa. Please click the download box on the right for the form.
  1. Your Original Commercial / Company / Business Document(s)
  2. Completed GulfVisa Document Attestation Form (please click download box on the right)

There are three organisations in total that must attest your commercial document (only once the first two have been completed can the document be attested by the UAE embassy.)

Firstly, YOU MUST attest your document from a Solicitor / Notary Republic (you must be present at this and a document attestation service provider like ourselves cannot do this for you)

Secondly, send us your business/commercial document(s) by post - address here

We will then attest your document(s) from the British Foreign Ministry (FCO)

Finally, we will attest your document(s) from the UAE Embassy in London


Note: The first step includes attestation from either a solicitor or notary republic. This step must be carried out by yourself (Gulfvisa and any other document attestation company cannot undertake this step on your behalf as it requires your presence). Whether you need a solicitor or notary public depends on whether the commercial document you would like to get attested is a single-page document or multi-page document (i.e. more than 1 page). Therefore please get your documents attested from the solicitor according to the following:

You will need to get your commercial document attested by a Solicitor if your document is a Single (1) Page Commercial Documents

You will need to get your commercial document attested by a Notary Public if your document is a Multi-Page (2+) Commercial Document 


Certificates you can get attested - include:

Registration or Incorporation / Company Record of Achievements / Company Trade or Financial Report / By-Laws / Memorandum & Articles of Association (as one doc) / Memorandum or Articles of Association / Certificate of Good Standing / Power of Attorney for the purpose of opening a Branch Office or a Company in the UAE

An Assignment or Authorization for registering Trade Marks & Patents / An Undertaking Certificate / Agency Agreement or Company Contract / An Authorization for the purpose of Transfer, Sell or Purchase of Company Shares / Incumbency

Note: The above list highlights the most common and popular documents that are usually attested. However, the UAE embassy will usually allow attestation of any UK business / commercial / company document.

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Please select the service you require below. GulfVisa offer a standard (7 working days) and a fast (1-2 working days) service.
Please Note: If you select 'UAE Embassy (only)', your document must already be attested by the FCO.
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Does my copy or original get attested?

The first step includes attestation from either a solicitor or notary public (depending on document length - see step 1 above). This first step must and without exception, be done by you and cannot be carried out by us. Depending on whether you choose to attest the original commercial document or a copy of it, we will continue attestation at the FCO and embassy on that document (copy or original) that you started attestation with. Basically, we will continue on from where you started - on the same document.

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