How does visa on arrival travel work?

From choosing a destination and sorting out accommodation, to renewing your passport and buying appropriate clothes, going abroad involves a lot of organisation. One task you often can’t avoid before travelling is securing a visa to the country in question – many governments won’t let you enter without one. While this usually involves applying ahead of time, many nations now offer individuals the opportunity to acquire a visa on arrival instead. In this piece, we look at what exactly getting a visa on arrival involves, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. Continue reading

China entry requirements: What you should know before travelling

Brimming with ancient culture, beautifully diverse landscapes, and world-famous cuisine, it’s no wonder China is among the world’s most visited nations. Welcoming over 50 million people a year, the East Asian powerhouse is predicted to be the planet’s top travel destination by 2030. This is partly the result of huge investment in tourism infrastructure, and the array of business opportunities, as China moves ever closer to becoming an economic superpower.

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GulfVisa update regarding coronavirus: visa and document legalisation changes

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there have been several significant changes to normal visa and document legalisation services at GulfVisa that we would like to inform our customers of. Continue reading

Kenya Business Visa Introduction Letter

When applying for a Kenya Business Visa, one of the requirements is to provide a business introduction letter (also called a company supporting letter). In this article, we will go through what the introduction letter is and how and where to obtain one from. Continue reading

Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa – cost, eligibility and more!

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Want to learn more about the Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa? You’ve come to the right place! A few months ago, Saudi Arabia started a new online process for tourists to obtain visas before arrival or on arrival. This makes it quicker to obtain a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa and allows you to stay in Saudi for a maximum of 90 days from the date of your entry. You can apply online here or use our services to make the process as hassle free and efficient as possible. Continue reading

What do Our Document Attestation Prices Include?

At Gulfvisa, our aim is to remove the nuisance from the lengthy and confusing document attestation service. We undergo the entire process from start to finish on your behalf. You send us the documents that need attestation and we get the job done for you. Once completed, we send it back to you. All whilst you remain in the comfort of your home or office. Continue reading