Kenya Business Visa Introduction Letter

When applying for a Kenya Business Visa, one of the requirements is to provide a business introduction letter (also called a company supporting letter). In this article, we will go through what the introduction letter is and how and where to obtain one from.

Business introduction letter for Kenya Business Visa

When trying to obtain a business visa, lots of the embassies, including the Kenya High Commission in London, need proof that you are going on behalf of a company. The business introduction letter (see picture above) should be issued to you by someone in your HR department/a manager/similar. It confirms that you are visiting Kenya on official business and specifies what business will be taking place.

As soon as you know you will need to visit Kenya on business please obtain this letter. This will avoid unnecessary delays to your visa application process.

What should the business introduction letter for the Kenya visa include?

When writing a business introduction letter (company supporting letter), the format should follow the template in the image above. You can also find this form in our Kenya Business Visa Pack. The content of the letter should specify what type of visa you need (single/multiple) and for how long (visa validity). The business introduction/supporting letter should also mention your job title and the name of the company in the UK. Moreover, it should include the dates of your meetings in Kenya and with whom they are taking place.

Note: Please ensure the letter is includes your UK Company Letterhead and is addressed to the Kenya High Commission in London.

To find out more about the other requirements to obtain a Kenya Business Visa please click here. You will find a useful template for the business introduction letter for the Kenya Business Visa on page 2 of our pack.

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