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What is Embassy Document Attestation?

Embassy document attestation is the process of confirming that your personal  or commercial document is genuine and not fake. 

Personal documents can include university degree, marriage certificate or birth certificate etc. Commercial documents can include contracts, invoices or power of attorney.

This is often needed when you present a legal document in a foreign country as it is often difficult for the relevant authority (e.g. employer or government) to determine whether it is genuine or fake.

It is important to note that there are many terms used to describe document attestation. These may include authentication, legalisation, verficiation, stamping, notarisation. Please do not get confused as they usually all mean the same thing! 

There are many reasons why someone may require a document to be attested from a relevant embassy. Reasons may include applying for a visa in that relevant country (e.g. employment visas, family visas etc.) or being asked to by your employer.

Therefore, you will need to get your document attested from the relevant embassy in the country that legal document was issued. For example, if you have a degree from a UK university and wish to work in the UAE, you will require attestation from the UAE embassy in London.


What do Gulfvisa do?

We are an accredited document attestation service provider who can undergo the entire process from beginning to end on your behalf.

All embassies stipulate that documents must be attested by the British Foreign Ministry aswell as a solicitor (with some exceptions) before they will accept a document and attest it themselves.

Therefore there are three steps that need to be undertaken:

1) Attestation from a Solicitor (some exceptions)

2) Attestation from FCO (no exceptions - all documents must undergo this)

3) Attestation from the relevant Embassy


Gulfvisa provides a service which carries out the whole attestation process from all the relevant bodies required. We will get your document attested from the relevant embassy and then send it back to you! We provide an all-inclusive service with single complete price for attestation from all the relevant authorities.


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