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Ethiopia Tourist Visa

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Ethiopia Tourist Visa

If you are planning on visiting Ethiopia as a tourist, you will require an Ethiopia Tourist visa from the Ethiopian embassy in London. GulfVisa is an accredited visa agent in the UK which provides this service for those who are planning to fly to Ethiopia. You cannot obtain an Ethiopian Tourist visa on arrival at the airport destination and therefore must apply for a tourist visa before travelling from the Indian embassy in the UK. GulfVisa can obtain this visa and undergo the whole process on your behalf, saving you the trouble and time of running around and hassle of figuring out the process.

We have simplified the visa process down to three easy steps. Scroll down to step one (visa requirements) and follow the instructions to get started.

How to obtain an Ethiopian Tourist Visa - 3 simple steps

1Requirements for an Ethiopian Tourist Visa

1. Passport (valid for more than 6 months beyond date of exit + at least two blank consecutive visa pages facing each other)

2. One passport photo (must be recently taken + have a white background)

3. A colour photocopy of the information page(s) from your passport.

4. A fully completed Ethiopia business visa application form (available on page 2 of our Pack).

5. A copy of your flight booking confirmation showing your outbound/inbound flights.

6. For children under 16: Copy of their full birth certificate, colour copy of the information page of both parents’ passports, child custody letter (if parents are divorced), solicitor’s letter and child benefit letter (if single parent).

Additional requirements for multiple entry visa:

7. An itinerary of your journey showing that you require more than one entry and exit.

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3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:

Staying in Ethiopia for longer than the visa duration

The embassy website says, ‘If you wish to stay in Ethiopia for a longer period than that which has been indicated in your visa, you are required to apply for an extension at the Main Department for Immigration Office in Addis Ababa.”

Visa Validity

The visa becomes valid from the date of issue, not the date of entry to Ethiopia. Hence, you should consider this in relation to when you will receive the visa and when you will be returning from Ethiopia.