Do I need my documents attested from a solicitor?

Document attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of legal paperwork in one country so it can be approved by another. This process provides proof to relevant authorities like employers or governments that the document is genuine. Only signatures by verifying personnel can confirm that it is attested and suitable for use abroad.

Who can certify documents in the UK?

Most documents need attestation from one or two organisations or officials, as well as the relevant embassy. One of these must be a solicitor, while the other is a British Foreign Ministry (FCO). Though all documents must be verified by the FCO, some types do not need a solicitor’s certification.

Which documents don’t need a solicitor’s certification?

The following documents do not need to be attested by a solicitor:

  • Original UK birth certificate
  • Original UK marriage certificate
  • Original UK police clearance certificate (ACRO)
  • Original UK death certificate
  • Original UK medical report signed by a UK doctor*

*UK doctor must be registered with the British Foreign Office (FCO) legalisation department.

As such, these documents can just be attested by the FCO and the appropriate embassy. All other documents need to be legalised by a solicitor, the FCO, and the relevant embassy, in that order.

How can GulfVisa help?

Here at GulfVisa, we can take care of the entire attestation process on your behalf and get your document verified from the relevant bodies. This one-stop solution completes all the steps required for document verification, at a single price. Please visit our document attestation page for more information.


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