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With many exciting job opportunities all over the world, many people are deciding to take their lives away from the United Kingdom to many other global regions. In the past few years, the gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain have become immensely popular with graduates looking to live and work abroad. However, with this comes a requirement to get your document attested from various world embassies inside the UK. Often this will be in order to obtain a visa (e.g. family residency visa or employment visa) or simply due to a request from a new employer

Sample UAE Document Attestation Stamp

What is document attestation?

Document attestation is the procedure of ensuring your documents are what they say they are. Many foreign governments and organisations have fallen victim to countless fake legal documents being used in their country. Therefore, document attestation is the process to ensure that your legal document, whether a birth certificate, marriage certificate or university degree etc. is genuine.

Where does my document need to be attested from?

Embassies stipulate that for a document to be admitted for attestation, they must be attested by a solicitor or notary public and the British Foreign Ministry (FCO) first. However, some legal documents are exempt, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, police ACRO certificates, death certificates and UK medical reports (signed by FCO registered doctors).

What is the Hague Convention?

Not all countries require you to attest your legal documents from an embassy. Countries can sign up to the Hague Convention, meaning that they recognise the attestation of the Foreign Ministry in that country (which must also have signed up to the Hague Convention) as sufficient evidence to say a document is genuine. Although many of the gulf countries (e.g. UAE) have not signed up to this, countries such as Brazil have. However, as said before, you will still require document attestation from a solicitor and British Foreign Ministry before being able to use that document in the relevant country abroad.

What should I do next?

The best advice to ensure simplicity, efficiency and speed is to use a document attestation service provider in the UK. They are experts in their fields and are very fast at turning around your documents as quickly as possible and with no problems at all. Usually the process simply involves you completing a purchase of the service online and then sending over the documents you would like attested. Many agents can provide you with a service in under a week and they also usually provide an international delivery option (e.g. via DHL). Please note that different embassies range in their prices and timings and that is why fees may also differ. Of course, it is important to check customer reviews on google and their website before purchasing your service. Please also note that online embassy websites are usually not kept up to date or do not have the information easy accessible.


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