UAE Document Attestation Process: all you need to know!

Going to the UAE to work? If your degree/documents/certificates were issued in the UK then you will likely need to have them stamped by the UAE Embassy in London. Read on to see the answers to all the common questions about UAE Document Attestation.

Why do I need to stamp my document when going to the UAE?

Your employer in the UAE needs to verify that your degree certificate is a legitimate UK degree before you begin working there. By getting your certificate attested, the company that has offered you a job can be sure of its authenticity.

What is the process for getting my document attested by the UAE Embassy in the UK?

There is a three-step process to getting your document stamped from the UAE Embassy in London, UK.

  • First, your document must first be verified and stamped by a solicitor.
  • Secondly, After the solicitor has confirmed the document, it must then be taken to the British Foreign Ministry (FCO) to be stamped.
  • Finally, the document can now be attested by the UAE Embassy in London.

Upon completion of this process you can send your employer the stamped degree to confirm that this is an authentic UK document.

Why do we stamp it from three places?

It may seem tedious that the document needs to be taken to a solicitor, then the FCO and then the UAE Embassy in London. The UAE has opted not to be part of the Apostille Convention (also called the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents or the Apostille Treaty). For countries that are part of the Apostille Convention there is no need to get the document verified by both the country from which the degree was issued and the country where the degree will be used.This is not the case here!

UAE document attestation for family residency visas:

Planning to move to the UAE with your family? Make sure to apply for a UAE family residency visa for each person so that they can all live there whilst you work! Part of the requirements for this involves a proof of relationship. This proof must be verified using the same three-step stamping process described above.

For more details about the visas required when visiting the UAE you can check out the relevant UK Government website.


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