What is the Gulfvisa Embassy Document Attestation Form?

Gulfvisa is an embassy document attestation agency that provides a service to get your personal and/or commercial documents attested from various embassies in the UK.

We have divided the process into three simple steps for all our services including embassy document attestation. The first step is to prepare the requirements needed for postage to our offices (or drop off).

Document attestation requirements usually only* include the following:

  • Your original document(s) (e.g. degree or marriage certificate etc.)
  • Gulfvisa Document Attestation Form (available to download on the relevant embassy page on our website)

In this post we will be going through the Gulfvisa document attestation form and why it is important to fill out.

* Please note that some embassies such as the Chinese embassy require their own embassy attestation form to be filled out in addition to the requirements above. Please check the relevant attestation page on our website to make sure you have all the requirements you need for that specific embassy. Click here to get started with your document attestation service.

Gulfvisa Document Attestation Form

Example Document Attestation Form

Example Document Attestation Form

The form is made up of 2 main parts:

  1. Checklist Requirements (these need to be sent to our office as part of STEP 3)
  2. Gulfvisa Document Attestation Form (this should be filled out and sent to gulfvisa as part of STEP 3 too)

Checklist Requirements:

This usually only comprises of two items.

Firstly, of course, your original documents that require attestation from the relevant organisations and embassy.

Secondly, you will need to supply the filled out form (which is below the checklist) and post is with your original documents to our Gulfvisa address

Gulfvisa Document Attestation Form:

This comprises the second part of the sheet. You must fill this out and post it alongside your original document(s) when you send or drop off your document(s).

This is important so that we can link every order made online with the documents that have been sent to us.

Once we receive your documents, we will cross-check it with our online order system and then proceed to process your documents ready for document attestation from the relevant embassies in London.

Fill out the address to which you would like us to send your document(s) back and put down the invoice number which will be presented to you once you have completed checkout in STEP 2.

Once you have filled out the form you can proceed to STEP 2 to order your service online.

If you require a document attestation service today, visit our document attestation page for more information and order your service online today to get started.


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