Why use a visa agent?

Going abroad requires plenty of planning, from deciding on your destination and booking flights, accommodation and activities, to exchanging currency and getting vaccinations. One part of the process that no one looks forward to is sorting out travel documentation, especially visas. While many nations will have visa policies in place that allow you to enter the country without one, many won’t, which means you’ll have to secure a visa in advance in order to gain entry. Some territories issue you with a visa on arrival, but for others, you won’t be so lucky. For example, UK citizens must secure visas for countries like China, India and Ghana before they fly out.

However, unlike most of the preparations listed above, you can avoid the hassle of having to apply for a visa yourself by using a visa agent. They can sort out your documentation for you, letting you spend your time more productively elsewhere. In fact, there are many advantages to using a visa agent, and we’ve outlined them below.

What is a visa agent and what do they do?

A visa agent is an authorised body that will take care of the visa process for you. The role is not the same as a visa consultant, who will simply offer advice as you complete your own application. As well as offering advice throughout the process, visa agents will help you through each stage of your visa application process. This includes checking your documents, submitting them to the relevant embassy on your behalf, arranging any interviews required, and ensuring everything is completed in time to meet deadlines. Here at GulfVisa, we offer visa application services for numerous countries, as well as assistance with document attestation and document translation.

Why use a visa agent?


Most individuals go into the visa application process believing it will be as straightforward as filling out some forms and submitting them to the right authorities. But it quite often involves a lot more effort than that, as you will need to make sure you fill out each document correctly, collect every piece of evidence required by the embassy in question, and liaise with them throughout. This is time-consuming and stressful, and can be avoided with the help of a visa agent.

Not only can they deal with all of this for you, but help speed up the process. Visa applications are often held up because the embassy will ask you for additional information which was not submitted the first time around. This issue is avoided with visa agents, as they know all the evidence required for each type of visa, and will make sure your application includes it.


Another issue with applying for a visa yourself is the risk of making mistakes which will lead to your application being rejected. This is a more common situation than you might think — for example, almost a third of all travel visa applications to the US in 2019 were turned down outright. Many countries have very strict rules around the application process, and just one mistake could invalidate the entire thing. For instance, you could accidentally send the wrong document, fail to give substantial backup evidence, or fail to submit the application in time. Indeed, filling in wrong information could even risk an extended ban on visa approvals, or leave you with the wrong type of visa by accident.

While visa agents cannot guarantee a successful visa application, they will improve the chances of approval, considering their intricate knowledge of the processes from start to finish. Services available from GulfVisa include free pre-checks of applications before we send them off, which enables us to identify any potential mistakes. This ensures that all information forwarded to the embassy in question is correct and meets its requirements.


While visa companies do charge for their services, getting your visa application arranged by professionals can actually save you money in the long run. After all, many embassies charge application fees, regardless of whether they’re successful or not, meaning you could stand to lose lots of money if you are forced to submit your application more than once. By using a visa agent and giving yourself a much better chance of securing your visa first-time, you reduce the risk of paying out for multiple applications.

We offer extremely competitive prices at GulfVisa, meaning using a visa agent may not cost as much as you think. In fact, the prices we quote on our website include all of the relevant costs for your service of choice, including embassy fees, internal handling fees, pre-checks, and taxes. Furthemore, there are no debit or credit card surcharges, and we offer free delivery within the UK.


The border policies of different countries are changing all of the time, especially in light of COVID-19. As a result, the means of entering a nation may change from one day to the next, and you can risk wasting your time by going down a route that’s no longer available. It can be hard to keep up with these changes yourself, but that’s exactly what visa agents are there to do, and are therefore perfectly placed to offer you advice on which documentation you can and should apply for.


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