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Kuwait Joining Family Visa

If you are planning on joining a family member who is working in Kuwait, you will require a Joining Family Visa from the Kuwaiti embassy in London. At Gulfvisa, we are an accredited visa agent in the UK and provides this service for those who are planning to join a family member (e.g. spouse, parents or children) who are working in the country. Our team can obtain your Kuwait visa and undergo the whole process on your behalf, saving you the trouble and time of figuring out the process yourself. On top of that, we provide access to our UK Doctor in Harley Street to carry out your medical tests if needed.

Read on to learn more about the process behind being granted a Kuwait Joining Family visa.

1. Prepare your documents2. Order the service3. Send your documents
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Prepare your documents

Download Application Pack
The following documents are required to complete this service. Please download the application pack to get started.

1. Passport (valid for more than six months + 2 blank pages facing each other).

2. Original Kuwait Family Visa Permit letter (from the Kuwaiti employer of the family member in Kuwait).

3. One passport-sized photo (recently taken + white background).

4. Filled and completed Kuwait visa application form (available on page 2 of our Pack).

5. A medical Report completed by a UK Doctor within the last 2 months. Please see page 3 of our pack for the required medical tests. Gulfvisa can provide this service from our doctor in Harley Street, London.

Note: Any medical results that come back positive will result in the rejection of the visa.

6. Police Certificate from the UK.

ACRO certificates: Must have been stamped by the FCO and Kuwait Embassy. We offer this service.

Police certificate (Disclosure / DBS): Must have been stamped by a Solicitor, FCO, and Kuwait Embassy. We offer this service.

7. Children Up to the Age of 18: A recent letter from the GP confirming that the required vaccinations (please see page 4 in our Pack for list) have been given.

8. All female applicants must produce Pregnancy Test Results.


Order the service

Please from the following services. Notice for Police Certificate stamping: fast service is +1-2 working days; standard service is +7 working days.
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Send your documents

Either post or drop off your passport & documents to our office in Mayfair, London.
Gulfvisa Ltd
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United Kingdom
Now just sit tight! We'll be in touch if we need anything else from you.

What is the minimum salary for a Joining Family Visa for Kuwait?

A resident of Kuwait wishing to sponsor their family must be earning at least 450 Kuwaiti Dinar per month. This is, in part, to redress the balance of Kuwaiti nationals living in the country, as they currently make up 30% of the population.

More Information

What Kuwait visa types are available from Gulfvisa?

Aside from providing customers with a joining family visa, Gulfvisa also assists with applications for Kuwait work visas.

Is Kuwait dependent visa the same as Kuwait family visa?

A Kuwait family visa is a subcategory of dependent visas, along with family, spouse, and child visas. All dependent visas are based on the initial resident acting as a sponsor for their family members to live in the country. A family visa offers Kuwaiti residency for the wife and children of any employed resident; under Kuwaiti law, wives are not legally allowed to sponsor their husbands, and male children over the age of 21 are ineligible for sponsorship under this visa.

How much does a Kuwait visa cost?

Applying for a Kuwait family visa from Gulfvisa costs £199 per visa. This price includes delivery, use of any credit or debit card, taxes, handling fees, pre-checks and any charges from the embassy or other institutions.

What is the duration of Kuwait Family Visit Visa?

A joining family visa for Kuwait is valid for 90 days. They can be renewed, but this must be done after each person has purchased both government and private insurance policies.

Kuwait Joining Family Visit Visa Sample:


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