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Membership/Fellowship Certificate

GulfVisa provides a document attestation service for your personal documents from the Saudi Arabian embassy in London, UK. For example, if you are planning on working or moving to the Saudi, you may require various documents to be attested from the Saudi Embassy.

Before stamping from the Saudi Embassy, the Membership/Fellowship certificate must be stamped from a Solicitor, then the British Foreign Ministry (FCO), then the Saudi Arabian embassy.

GulfVisa offers a document legalisation service which provides you with a quick one-stop solution to get your documents legalised from all these different organisations quickly and easily. We offer services which include stamping from the solicitor, British Foreign Office (FCO) and Saudi embassy.

1. Prepare your documents2. Order the service3. Send your documents
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From Dec 2020: UK membership certificates do not need to be stamped by the Saudi Cultural Attache in London. UK membership/fellowship certificates (like ACCA, CIMA) will only be stamped from UK Solicitor + FCO + Saudi embassy in London.

Doctor's membership: The Saudi Embassy and Saudi Cultural Attache will NOT stamp any doctors membership from Royal Colleges. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Prepare your documents

Download Application Pack
The following documents are required to complete this service. Please download the application pack to get started.
  1. Your Original Membership/Fellowship Certificate.
  2. A copy of the passport information page for each person whose document(s) needs to be legalised

Order the service

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Send your documents

Either post or drop off your passport & documents to our office in Mayfair, London.
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There are three compulsory parts to getting your document attested from the Saudi Arabia embassy.

Firstly, GulfVisa will stamp your document from a Solicitor

Secondly, we will stamp your document from the British Foreign Ministry (FCO)

Finally, we will stamp your document from the Saudi Embassy in London

Note: Saudi Cultural Attaché has stopped stamping any certificates NOT from University/Colleges/School.

Do I need to send the original document or a copy?

We need your original certificate as the solicitor must see it, however only a copy will ever be stamped. Don't worry about providing a copy as well, we can do this!

More Information:

There are a wide variety of terms which are used to describe ‘document legalisation’. These include document attestation, authentication, stamping, verification and certification.


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