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Saudi Arabia Business Visa (UK Nationals)

If you plan to travel to Saudi Arabia on a business (formerly known as commercial visit) or work visit, you will need either a valid 'Saudi Business Visa' or 'Saudi Work Visit Visa'.

In order to apply for either, the Saudi Arabian institution or company inviting you must get you a visa authorisation invitation letter from the Saudi Foreign Ministry. Your role in the company determines whether you get a business visa or a work visit visa. If you hold an administrative role (e.g. manager or director etc.) and wish to go to Saudi for a business meeting, please ask your sponsor in Saudi Arabia to apply for a 'Business Visa'. Professionals such as engineers, teachers and doctors who plan to work in Saudi Arabia temporarily for a short-period of time (e.g. for training, work supervision, repair etc.), should request their Saudi sponsor to apply for a work visit visa. In either case, the application process, requirements and prices for either visa are exactly the same and can be followed and purchased on this page. Therefore, you will find all the relevant steps below for both types of visas!

GulfVisa provides an all-inclusive service to obtain a visa for Saudi Arabia on your behalf for British and non-British passport holders. We make the complex process in obtaining a visa simple for you, allowing you to get your visa with minimal effort – saving you time for your busy daily schedule, money and travel inconvenience.

1. Prepare your documents2. Order the service3. Send your documents
3 simple steps

From 23rd July 2018, the Saudi Arabian embassy will not accept any applications made by individuals. All visa applications must go through an agent such as ourselves.

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Prepare your documents

Download Application Pack
The following documents are required to complete this service. Please download the application pack to get started.
  1. Passport (must be valid for more than 6 months + at least two blank pages facing each other).
  2. Two passport sized photos (must be recently taken + white background).
  3. Complete the Saudi Business Visa application form (available in page 2 of our Pack).
  4. Supporting/introduction letter from your UK company/department like the Saudi embassy template (page 3 of our Pack). This letter must be stamped from the British Chamber of Commerce, we offer this service.
  5. Fill the Saudi Medical Insurance Form. Note: put your UK address. (page 4 of our Pack).
  6. Read and sign the Declaration Form (page 5 & 6 of  our Pack).
  7. Visa invitation letter from your Saudi sponsor  (like either example on page 7 or 8 of the Pack).

Order the service

Please select one of the following services
All-inclusive GulfVisa price
£ 338.00 
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Free UK delivery
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Send your documents

Either post or drop off your passport & documents to our office in Mayfair, London.
Gulfvisa Ltd
17 Hanover Square
Mayfair, London
United Kingdom
Now just sit tight! We'll be in touch if we need anything else from you.

Can I bring my spouse and kids with me?

If you apply for Saudi Business visa, you can now apply for Saudi Escort visa (the prices are the same so please just indicate this by adjusting the quantity of visas required accordingly) for your wife/husband and children under 18yrs old to travel with you. You need all the requirements listed above EXCEPT the invitation/supporting letter (requirement 4). You must also provide proof of relationship (Marriage or Birth certificate).

Your visa MUST be the same type (e.g. all single or all multiple (180 days)). You must enter and leave Saudi Arabia with the person who has the Business visa.  

Important Notes

  1. Your job title in supporting/introduction letter should match your job title in the visa invitation letter from your Saudi sponsor. Please advise your Saudi Sponsor about your Job title to avoid any delay.
  2. If your job title admin (manager, director. etc) and you are going for business meeting. your Saudi sponsor should send you business visa invitation.
  3. If your job title in the Saudi visa invitation letter (teacher, doctor, engineer, technician, surveyor ..etc) indicates you are going to do temporary work/training/lecturing then your Saudi sponsor should send you Work visit visa invitation.
  4. You must to put your previous nationality when you fill the Saudi visa application form. If you have no previous nationality put NA. Putting a previous nationality will not affect your application but not putting previous nationality might delay your application.
  5. We must stamp your supporting letter from your UK Company from British chamber of commerce. Please tick the payment to do it. If your supporting letter from UK government department or hospital or university, we do not need to stamp it from British chamber of commerce.

How long is my visa valid for?

For single visas, you must travel to Saudi Arabia witihin 89 days from the date of visa issue on your passport.

For multiple visas, you must travel to Saudi Arabia within 180 or 365 or 730 days (depending on the visa invitation/authorisation letter you have received from your relative - requirement 4). You must choose the corresponding service to what is written in this letter.  

To see how long you can stay in Saudi for (starting from the day you land), please read the visa invitation/authorisation letter (requirement 4) that you would receive from your relative.


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