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China Business Visit Visa

Those who want to visit China on business will require a China Business Visa from the Chinese embassy in London. GulfVisa is a UK visa agent based in the centre of London which can provide you with this visa.

GulfVisa provides a complete one solution service to obtain a China Business Visit visa on your behalf. We make the complex visa process simple for you, allowing you to get your visa with minimal effort – saving you on time for your busy daily schedule, money and any travel inconvenience. The China Business Visit visa process is full of many different parts, some of which can be difficult to understand and undergo. Therefore, by using GulfVisa, you can have the peace of mind going about your working day, knowing fully well that we are taking good care of your China Business Visit visa application.

IMPORTANT: From 12th November 2018 fingerprints will be requested for all visas on submission of application. Please arrive at the visa centre (basement) by 9:15am on submission day and you will be called when it is your turn. 


Please scroll down below to step 1 to begin the process of obtaining your Chinese business visit visa.

How to obtain an China Business Visit Visa - 3 simple steps

1Requirements for an China Business Visit Visa

9th January 2019: There is a new application form that you should complete on a website online. Please use the link in requirement 3 and NOT the form in the Pack (we will update the Pack shortly).

8th May 2018: The Embassy no longer offers refunds if the length of validity of the visa you receive is not the same as the one applied for. The visa validity issued is up to the Embassy's discretion. 

  1. Passport (must be valid for more than 6 months beyond entry date + two blank pages facing each other).
  2. One passport sized photo (must be recently taken white background, ears showing and no jewellery).
  3. Complete the online Chinese Visa application form and print (available by clicking here and selecting the 'New Application Form' blue box).
  4. You must submit your biometric data at the Visa Centre (open weekdays). You should email us more than one day in advance of the day you wish to give your fingerprints so we can book you an appointment. Click here for more information and here for directions to the Visa Centre.
  5. Visa invitation letter from Chinese sponsor/company (template available on page 6 of our Pack).
  6. Copy of the most recent Chinese visa you have used (if you’ve been to China before).
  7. Print and fill the Declaration Form (page 7 of the pack).
Download Pack (Forms & Requirements)
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Send the forms & requirements by email:
2Order your China Business Visit visa service online now

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All-Inclusive GulfVisa Price: £256.00  per visa
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3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:

Chinese Embassy New Ruling

All British passport holders will receive a multiple entry visa valid for two years. You can stay in China up to 90 days in each visit.

Important notice

You can only apply for a Chinese visa if your flight is within the next three months. 

More Information

Who is eligible for a China business visa?

Businessmen and businesswomen who are visiting China for commercial and trade-related activities are eligible for a China business visa. This includes those visiting to negotiate with Chinese companies, sign contracts, attend conferences or give lectures.

This applies to anybody living in the UK, whether they are a UK citizen or non-UK citizen, as long as they have received a visa invitation letter from a Chinese company inviting them to visit for business activities.


What should the invitation letter for a China business visa cover?

The invitation letter must bear the full name of the visa applicant as in their passport, as well as their date of birth, nationality and passport number. It must also clearly detail the applicant’s reasons for travel, how long they will need to visit the country, and the date that the Chinese company are expecting them to arrive in China.

The letter itself should be presented on the Chinese company’s official letterhead along with its official stamp. It should be signed in Chinese, with the name of the person who signed it also printed in Chinese. A photocopy of this letter is accepted.


What conditions can Chinese business visas be granted on?

The visa applicant must be living in the UK and must submit the following: passport, one passport photo (5cm x 5cm), a completed online Chinese visa application form (printed and signed), a signed declaration form, a letter of invitation from the Chinese company, and a copy of any previous visas to China.

If the applicant is a non-UK national, they also need to prove their legal residency in the UK (original residency permit).

Visas being issued are also dependent on attending an appointment at the China Visa Centre, where applicants are asked to provide fingerprints. Please note that you do not need to pay for the appointment online, as the cost of this is covered by our service and fees.


How long is a China business visa granted for?

For commercial purposes British passport holders can usually get 2, 5, or even 10 year multiple visit visas. However, this may vary according to the circumstances. For example, if the applicant is only visiting to attend a conference, they may be issued with a single visit 3 month validity visa instead. This is at the discretion of the Chinese Embassy.  Although it is now possible to obtain visas valid for 5 years and 10 years, the applicant must have previously visited China before they are issued with a long term visas.


Can China business visas be extended?

You cannot extend an existing Chinese business visa on your passport. However, you can cancel an existing visa and apply for a new one.

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