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Myanmar (Burma) Tourist Visa

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Myanmar (Burma) Tourist Visa

If you are planning on visiting Myanmar (Burma) as a tourist, you will require an Myanmar Tourist visa from the Myanmar Embassy in London, UK. GulfVisa is an accredited visa agent in the UK which provides this service for those who are planning to fly to Myanmar. GulfVisa can obtain this visa and undergo the whole process on your behalf, saving you the trouble and time of running around and hassle of figuring out the process.

We offer the visa in a complete one-stop solution to get your visa quickly and easily. Please read the requirements below to get started!

How to obtain a Myanmar Tourist Visa - 3 simple steps

1Requirements needed for a Myanmar Tourist Visa
  1. Passport (must be valid for more than 6 months + have at least two blank pages facing each other).
  2. Two passport sized photos (must be recently taken + have a white background).
  3. Complete the ‘Myanmar Tourist Visa application form’ (available on page 2 of our Pack). Please make sure you sign it.
  4. If you are going on a Package Tour, you need to send a copy of your booking confirmation from a tour operator in Myanmar (this must state that the applicant is on a package tour).
  5. Non-British applicants must also provide a copy of their UK Residency Permit.


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3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:

Length of stay

You can stay in Myanmar (Burma) for up to 4 weeks from your date of entry.

Visa Validity

Your visa is valid for 3 months to enter Myanmar from the date of issue. 

Extension of Visa

Extension of Myanmar Tourist Visas cannot be made.