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Personal Certificate Attestation for China

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Personal Certificate Attestation for China

China has become an increasingly popular destination for expatriates in search of career or academic opportunities. Between 2008 and 2017, some 50,000 foreigners were recruited to companies in Beijing and Shanghai alone. This was largely down to enticing government schemes, with fast track visas a common perk offered to talented overseas workers. International students are also flocking to China in their droves—just under 500,000 enrolled into Chinese universities in 2017, with improving standards at these institutions a huge factor behind this.

If you’re looking to work or study in China yourself, you must ensure that any personal documents issued in the UK have been authenticated by Chinese officials. This is most commonly known as document attestation, though legalisation, stamping, and verification all refer to the same process. Before moving to China, you will have to have personal documents authenticated, such as your passport, driving licence, and marriage certificate. Your academic or professional qualifications will also need to be verified before you seek employment. Without proper certificate attestation, your personal documents will not be legally recognised by the Chinese government.

GulfVisa’s Chinese document authentication services

To attest your personal documents, they must be stamped by a solicitor and then the British Foreign Office (FCO) before finally being attested by the Chinese embassy in London. This can be lengthy, costly, and confusing if you are unfamiliar with the process. However, here at GulfVisa, we provide a simple, one-stop solution for certificate attestation for China. Our expert agents take care of all three major steps, ensuring that your documents are handled professionally and returned promptly.

You can request to have your documents delivered within 7 working days, or use our fast track service to receive them within 1-2 working days. Our international delivery option (via DHL) also means we can return your documents to you if you’re based overseas.


The following documents do not need to be verified by a solicitor:

- Original UK Birth Certificate

- Original UK Marriage Certificate

- Original UK Police Clearance Certificate (ACRO only)

- Original UK Death Certificate

- Original UK Medical Report signed by a UK Doctor*

* UK doctor must be registered with the British Foreign Office (FCO) Legalisation Department


(Please note Gulfvisa will attest a copy of your document except for the exempted documents above)

How do I organise certificate attestation for China?

1Prepare the following China document attestation requirements
All you need to do to get your UK documents attested from the China embassy is follow the three simple steps outlined below.
Prepare the following requirements to send to GulfVisa:
  1. Your Original Personal Document/s 
  2. A photocopy of the of the photo page of your passport
  3. A completed China attestation form. Download this using the link on the right.
Download Application Pack (forms & requirements)
— OR —
Send the forms & requirements by email:
2Order your China embassy document attestation service today
Please select the service you require below. GulfVisa offer a standard service (8 working days in total) and a fast service (6 working days in total).
All-Inclusive GulfVisa Price: £189.00  per document
Select which institutions you require attestation from?
Select your document attestation service?
No. of Document(s) / Applicant(s)
3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:

Do I need to send the original document or a copy?

You always need to provide your original certificate. Although a solicitor will usually only stamp a copy of the document, they still must see the original. The only original documents legalised by a solicitor are non-ACRO police certificates.

If your document is indeed exempt from solicitor stamping, your original will still be stamped by the FCO, as the agency does not allow stamping of copies.

Non-ACRO Police Certificates

ACRO police certificates do not require solicitor stamping. Therefore, if you are authorising these, select the ‘FCO + China Embassy Attestation’ service.

Non-ACRO police certificates require attestation from a solicitor before being stamped by the FCO and the Chinese embassy. Please ensure you choose the ‘Solicitor + FCO + China Embassy Attestation’ option for these documents.

Important Notice:

A) The Hague Convention—also known as the Apostille Treaty— only applies to those who want to use their documents in Hong Kong or Macau. Unlike these states and the UK, China is not a signatory to this treaty.

B) The Hague Convention stipulates that no further authentication of a document is needed once it has been attested by a competent authority in one of the signatory states. As such, individuals visiting Hong Kong and Macau need only solicitor (if required) and FCO stamps for personal documents.

Additional Information:

There are a wide variety of terms which are used to describe ‘document attestation’. These include document legalisation, authentication, stamping, verification and certification.

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