At GulfVisa, we process applications for a range of visa types (including tourist and business), which we obtain on our clients’ behalf from the relevant embassy. Since many countries visas can only be obtained from an embassy in your home country, not at the destination airport, their visa requirements will often involve the services of a visa agent in advance of any travel.

Obtaining a visa can be an extremely difficult and frustrating process, leaving applicants who lack the experience with visas and embassies open to having their applications rejected. GulfVisa provides a one-stop solution where we undertake the whole visa application process on your behalf. This provides our clients with peace of mind that their passport and documents are being handled by the most experienced professionals.

We also offer fast and normal visa services for some embassies and visa types visa types.

How document attestation works?

Documents that require attestation must first be attested by a solicitor (some exclusions apply), and then the FCO. Once this has been completed, the relevant embassy—in the UK—required can verify the document, allowing it to be used in the country you’re travelling to.

Documents that will require attestation include:

  • Degrees/educational certificates
  • Birth/death certificate
  • Marriage/divorce certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • Court/ACRO police documents
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Financial documents

While many documents will need to be stamped by a solicitor as the first step to attestation, there are some types which are exempt. Documents that do not require a solicitor’s verification include:

  • Original UK birth/death certificate
  • Original UK marriage certificate
  • Original UK police clearance certificate (ACRO only)
  • Original UK medical report signed by a UK doctor

For UK doctors to sign a medical report for attestation, they must first be registered with the FCO Legislation Department. Otherwise, their document signing will be considered void.

Why choose Gulfvisa as your visa agency?

We know that visa applications can be complicated, tedious, and potentially very time consuming. However, at GulfVisa, we provide our clients with a comprehensive solution which simplifies the intricate visa application process. All you need to do is send us all of the required documents and we do everything else for you.

We know the ins and outs of the visa process and handling documents with embassies. Therefore, we can make sure that you have the absolute best chance of getting your visa application approved the first time, with no problems.

A visa agency can save you time, money and travel

Our visa services save you time, effort, and possible rejections which could cost you even more money. Indeed, most visas are turned down as a result of the kind of tedious mistakes that we would’ve known about!

We break the visa application process down into an easy-to-follow application form, which you then need to send us, along with your documents, in a secure Royal Mail Special Delivery Package, all from the comfort of your home or office.

This saves you having to take time out from your busy daily schedule, as well as cutting down the time you’d otherwise spend worrying about getting your visa accepted. It also means you won’t need to spend money on travelling to an embassy to submit your visa application in person, as well as potentially having to find accommodation around your visit.

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